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Zildi.com is dedicated to helping establish useful vertical link directories on the Internet. While broad, general directories have their place, human-edited narrow focused directories have far more use to those seeking information on a topic.
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The Zildi Mission

Zildi is trying to help organize the internet by promoting well organized, targeted link directories. While there is a glut of useless, broad-spectrum link directories who are simply peddling their PageRank, there is a shortage of useful content-based link directories. When someone is trying to learn about or find useful resources on a subject, a link directory can be a huge head start.

To promote this idea Zildi has created an iterative, heirarchical link directory to other link directories. These directories provide help in navigating the internet instead of just creating more noise. We also believe them to be an under-utilized method of Internet commerce. Targetted, well organized link directories are prime advertising space.

If you have a well organized link directory in a specific region, please check our Submission Standards and then submit your link. If you have an idea for a new directory and would like our help, please contact us at webmaster@zildi.org.